Monday, August 22, 2016 Brings Good News From Bhutan

Financial professional Henry Gellis owns Gellis Investment Management in Los Angeles, California, where he seeks out investments in rising health-minded\ companies. He also serves as president of, a meditation and mindfulness website dedicated to helping readers live better. Henry Gellis' site also shares good news about health, wellness, and happiness from around the world. A recent article discussed Bhutan’s move to all-organic agriculture.

Bhutan, the tiny country between China and India, is perhaps most famous for evaluating its worth in terms of gross national happiness rather than gross domestic product. The primarily Buddhist kingdom has recently taken one more step toward a peaceful, happy life for its 700,000 subjects. Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley recently unveiled the beginnings of a plan to shift the entire nation to an all-organic agricultural system.

Bhutanese officials believe organic farming will help the nation's residents feel harmonious with nature, which will lead to sustainable prosperity in years to come. As most of the nation's farming is already done without chemical pesticides and fertilizers, this shift toward harmony may be within reach for the small nation.