Friday, February 24, 2017

Meditation and Yoga- Finding Strategies for Letting Go of Anger

The co-owner of, Henry Gellis guides its development as the site president. Through the site, Henry Gellis and his team tackle subjects relevant to everyday joy, such as the benefits of meditation and yoga. One of the major benefits of these practices is finding ways to let go of anger.

Known as a secondary emotion, anger often covers up a deeper, more troubling emotion, such as grief, fear, or shame. Because these deeper emotions expose our vulnerabilities, we often cover them with anger, a powerful emotion that we feel coursing through our whole bodies. Acting from a place of anger tends to only put more anger in the world, so it is important to keep this emotion in check. 

While screaming, violence, and destruction are common reactions to feeling anger, these actions do not get at the root of the emotion. For that reason, it is more powerful to recognize that anger is present by naming it nonjudgmentally and digging deeper to find its cause. Meditation and yoga provide us with the self-awareness and tools we need to recognize and deal with anger in a constructive manner. 

Every person experiences anger in a unique way, so transforming the anger also takes a personalized approach. When we know the root of our anger, we can approach it appropriately and learn to let it go.

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